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The StraightJackets are an Orlando-based "classic rock" band. Well, perhaps slightly different in that we aren't a tribute band playing songs that were oldies when we first heard them, we actually grew up with these songs. We play them with great respect & enthusiasm.

We love this music. You'll love the way we play it!

The StraightJackets specialize in playing Classic Rock and Rhythm and Blues, AKA R&B. Please check us out. In addition to playing very well, we have a total blast playing and that excitement and energy is very a good way! Our audiences hop up and dance, sing along, and sometimes come up on the stage and join us. We LOVE IT!!!

Stuart plays his guitar wirelessly and is not shy about venturing out into the audience to dance with the crowd (lap dances have been known to occur...) or have someone help him strum his guitar. Mike stays on the stage but will jump up & down and run around like a jackrabbit when the music moves him to do so. Larry stays fairly stationary but we need him to do that because he keeps us grounded on the bass.

The StraightJackets play at an extremely varied set of venues. We've played acoustic shows, we've played festival stages, we've played private parties and weddings. We've played soft and we've played loud. We are available for club dates as well as private parties. The audience always joins us singing along at private parties. Oddly, somehow the pretty women always end up joining us onstage to dance when we play parties. (We LOVE playing private parties!!!)

Book us for your party because, dang it, we're just that darned entertaining!!! (Sorry about the language...)

The StraightJackets have an abundance of material (see our song list) and our standard set is 60 minutes. We usually play long sets because it gets the audience involved and dancing and partying. And, really, who wants to stop partying???

The StraightJackets' new t-shirts are in!!! Simple and to the point.

The highest quality cotton that money can buy, custom printed. Guaranteed to get you laid!
Available in Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL.
Ladies sizes coming soon!
(Although: we've had some ladies try on the smaller men's sizes and they look great on them!)

All sizes: $15
(Full disclosure: our cost is $12.45 for regular sizes, $14.95 for XXL.
Don't want to mess with making change so we rounded up.
We ain't getting rich on t-shirts!)