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A show by The StraightJackets is a party event!
You can have your event become an party by calling The StraightJackets!!!
BubbaLou's on Alafaya 8/13/2013
TSJ rockin' The Wing Shack 8/10/2013

TSJ playing for the Paul/Morales wedding

TSJ rockin' The Wing Shack (at Conway & Michigan) 5/25/2013
TSJ at The Shamrock Lounge in Leesburg
TSJ @ Tin House Ranch 4/6/2013
Benefit for John Feldmann at McWells 3/22/13

BubbaLou's on Alafaya 2/10/2013

The view from the stage at the 2013 Walk to Cure Diabetes
The Corkroom for the Frank vs God Wrap Party, 7/12/12

An audience video of TSJ playing Birthday for a bunch of birthday folks at Fat Fish Blue 7/8/2011
(Sent in by The Kamau Brothers, AKA the partiers!)

An audience video of TSJ Twistin' & Shoutin' at Fat Fish Blue 7/8/2011!!!
(Sent in by The Kamau Brothers, AKA the partiers!)

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Fat Fish Blue, 7/8/2011
Lucky Pig Apopka, 6/24/2011
Lucky Pig Apopka, 6/3/2011
Lucky Pig Alafaya 4/10/2011
Fat Fish Blue, 3/26/2011
Mt. Dora Craft Festival, 10/23/2011

The StraightJackets at Taste!

Thanks to everyone that came out on each of the nights we've
played at Taste, it's always great playing to a packed house!!!
....a groovy time was had by all.

An audience member's drawing of TSJ from an acoustic show we did as a trio.

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